Storing Your Oils

When it comes to storing our oils we like to have our oils somewhere where we can see them! We believe this is key for using them to their fullest potential. However there are also times where we want to have them ready to travel with!

Whichever solution you’re looking for, here are a few ways we love to store our oils:

  1. Nail Polish racks! Either ones that hang on your wall like this one (pictured above) or sit on a flat surface like this one!
  2. Shelves from Tucker Design Co.
  3. Pretty holders to set on your desk or vanity! We are in love with this for our rollers! There’s even a marble version! Yes please!
  4. Spice Racks! We LOVE this copper one!
  5. Cases, like the one Young Living sells or these pretty ones from Modern Makerie.
  6. We’ve even seen some insanely amazing vintage chicken coops be mounted to walls for oil storage! Get creative!

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