I’m pulling one of my favorite posts from 2016 to share with y’all this year. It’s so much fun to see where we’ve come from.

Two years ago this month  I decided I was going to start sharing what our family was doing with Essential Oils and natural products and how it has forever changed our life! I did it here and there until May of 2015, when I said enough was enough, I was putting my FULL yes on the table.

Since that day in May, it has been so amazing watch a beautiful community form. God had such an incredible plan for that yes. A plan that has allowed us to see college students, newlyweds, mommas, teachers, nurses, pet lovers, and families benefit from sharing our own journey with oils.

We just got our paycheck from Young Living this month. I’m trying to find words right now.

The check that was deposited into our account? It is the biggest check I’ve gotten in my entire life.


It was a check for $4,604.87

I know money is taboo, but the check that got direct deposited into our account is one that signifies freedom for us. Freedom because it’s bigger than any check I’ve been written for a business that I spent 5 years growing. That I pour my sweat and tears into, literally. A business that is dependent on whether people like the art that I produce or not. One that I’m constantly striving to meet expectations with; while taking it personally when I don’t.

This is a check for doing something that I couldn’t possibly love any more; one that I get for doing something I love with some of my closest friends. A check for empowering people to be WELL. To take charge of their health. A check for the opportunity to cheer for my friends and they set goals for financial freedom and race to meet them.

This is a check that signifies freedom for me because it is giving me a chance to step back and focus on marriage. A chance to step back and love on children who need SO much love.

My dear team. They are what makes this job so life-giving. So much fun. They fill my cup. SO full that it overflows. And I couldn’t ask for a better tribe.

Tyler and are BLESSED. None of this would be here if it weren’t for a Father who likes to take care of His children. None. And because of that I will ALWAYS be sure to give Him all the credit.

If you’ve been curious about oils, and wondering how you could make this a business as well, I want to help you do so. Our team has every resource you can think of. It’s full of cheerleaders. We want YOU to experience this freedom too, so come join us. It’s literally the best job ever.

You can read all about what is possible with Young Living here.


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