Seedlings Relaunch!

Parents make hundreds of decisions every day about their family’s well-being.

With Young Living’s Seedlings line, they help make it as easy as possible for parents to choose gentle, essential oil-infused products for their babies.

Perhaps you’ve thought, “But it’s such a small amount,” as you used a commercial personal care product. It’s easy to ignore the harsh chemicals and toxins in the products we use when the amounts are miniscule; but before you reach for the next commercial product at the grocery store, consider bioaccumulation.

Bioaccumulation is also known as “body burden,” and it is the buildup of harsh chemicals and toxins in the human body. These harsh chemicals are found in many commercial personal care products, albeit in very small amounts, so the accumulation occurs over time.

Since we know that some harmful chemicals build up in our bodies over time, the impact may not be evident until long after exposure. We also know that some chemicals have more impact on our bodies during certain periods, such as when we’re in the womb, during infancy, and during puberty, and that even tiny doses can be potent. To reduce the potential for bioaccumulation, it is vital to select the purest possible products to use on our babies.

With so many products to choose from for your baby, why Seedlings?

As a parent or caregiver, you are constantly making decisions. Where do you find time to research the best products for your baby? When we developed the Seedlings line, we took the guesswork out of the process. You don’t have to worry about whether the products you’re using on your little ones are pure or sourced from authentic suppliers—Young Living’s Seed to Seal commitment has done that for you. Our years of research and development, along with our standard for unparalleled quality, lets you know that you are choosing products you can trust.

These products were formulated with a baby’s delicate skin in mind and use natural, plant-based ingredients. The line is hypoallergenic, and all of the products are vegan friendly, except for the OTC Diaper Rash Cream, which uses beeswax as an emollient to create a hydrating barrier; it is, however, vegetarian friendly. The topical products in the Seedlings line have also been dermatologist tested and pediatrician reviewed.

Formulated without:
•Synthetic preservatives
•Synthetic fragrances
•Synthetic colorants or dye

Features of Seedlings™ by Young Living
• Young Living’s Seed to Seal® commitment
•Dermatologist tested
• Non-greasy; perfect for
everyday use
•Vegan friendly
•100 percent naturally derived
•Formulated without toxins

Plus they all contain a special blend of oils that YL created just for their seedlings products called Calm—which is so soothing and dreamy! It’s a combination of lavender, coriander, bergamot, ylang ylang, and geranium essential oils!

Every single item in the Seedlings Line is now back in stock as of today, INCLUDING the Gift Bundle!!! HALLELUJAH!!!

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