25 Oils Under $25.00 Part Two

Let’s break down 5 more oils in the 25 under $25 series! Check out part one here!

Lemongrass essential oil has a very crisp, purifying aroma, which is why it’s one of the main ingredients in Purification essential oil blend. Diffusing Lemongrass by itself will remind you of the clean, pure air of a spa, and if you need just a little extra purifying after a particularly stinky meal or after all your kids have had every other kid from the neighborhood in your house, add 2 drops of Lemongrass and 1 drop of Peppermint to 5 drops of Purification in your diffuser and those smells will be long gone. Lemongrass is also a great invigorating addition to a post-workout massage!

Rosemary . Most of us are familiar with the scent of this fresh herb, but there are a lot of benefits to using Rosemary essential oil that you might not know about. For instance, diffusing Rosemary can help combat mental fatigue and create an atmosphere of clarity and focus. I like diffusing 3 drops of Rosemary with 4 drops of Lemon, as both have been shown to help people focus and stay on task. It can also be diffused or applied topically with a carrier oil to help support healthy respiratory function.

Nutmeg is one of those oils that sneaks under the radar, but it is SO good. If you do a quick internet search of diffuser recipes for Nutmeg you’ll find a bunch of different ones that range anywhere from Fall type scents to diffuser blends that will leave your home smelling like fresh baked cookies. But the thing that I really like Nutmeg for is using a few drops with a carrier oil and massaging it into my lower back or other affected areas after a strenuous day or a workout. Plus, the aroma of Nutmeg is one that I find oddly soothing. If you add 3drops of Nutmeg with 5 drops of Thieves you’ll have a spicy, delicious scent that will help calm you while supporting healthy immune function.

Vetiver . Anyone who has children or needs help easing feelings of anxiousness definitely needs to get a bottle of Vetiver. A key ingredient in Oola Balance, Peace & Calming II, and Valor II, the constituents in Vetiver can help put your mind at ease and allow you to focus on the task at hand instead of the worries of the world. Not everyone prefers the smell, but diffusing 2 drops of Vetiver with 3 drops of Frankincense and 4 drops of Lavender is a great combo that fills the air with a pleasant, relaxing aroma. Vetiver is also great when added to a post workout massage, and is one of the main ingredients in Cool Azul, Deep Relief Roll-On, and Ortho Sport Massage Oil.

Lemon Myrtle has one of the most unique, uplifting scents of a non-citrus essential oil (don’t let the name fool you, Lemon Myrtle is made by distilling the leaves of the plant). Diffuse 2 drops of Lemon Myrtle with 2 drops each of Lime, Tangerine, Rosemary, and Sacred Sandalwood for a truly delightful aroma reminiscent of a popular candle but with all the benefits of these amazing essential oils.
Lemon Myrtle helps support healthy respiratory function, healthy immune function, and can promote concentration and focus. Slightly sweeter than other bright scents, you’ll have a lot of fun pairing with the different oils you have.

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