We launched Essentially Oils in May of 2015. We needed a community to get our people plugged into as we saw growth, so we whipped something together. About a year later I felt as though we needed to rebrand, to choose a name that really fit what our community was all about, to find a brand that was cohesive and reflected what we wanted every single person to get out of being a part of this community. So after 2 years of dreaming, of brainstorming, and of LOTS of hard word, I’m so stinking excited to announce that….

Essentially Oils has been rebranded to The Well Gathering, and the all new website, blog, educational resources and online home launch TODAY!!!

Welcome to the brand new Well Gathering Blog!

The Well Gathering is a community founded by Tyler and Alex Hinders.

We are Platinums with Young Living and we started using oils in September of 2014, and began pursuing this oily business dream in May, 2015 alongside some of our very best friends.

Thanks to Young Living, we’ve been able to make some really big dreams come true, including LOTS of traveling (in 2016 we went to Utah for free, and in 2017 we will be going on a cruise to Central America AND on a trip to Washington for FREE all thanks to YL), we just began our journey with Foster Care, I’m now currently making more than I made with my photography business, and we’ve been able to give in a whole bunch of ways we’ve never had the opportunity to do before. To God be 100% of the glory! It’s been a really incredible ride.

The Well Gathering is a community of over 1800 friends that pursue wellness together, who love one another, encourage each other, and help each other. We have a heart to serve our members with support, resources, inspiration and encouragement. A gathering of friends who believe in educating and empowering people to start their oily journey (and people who have been on their journey for years) to thrive in keeping our bodies well; the way they were intended to be.

A gathering that believes in the importance of relationships, and sharing their knowledge FREELY with one another; without expectation of something in return.

We are so glad you’re here friends! We cannot wait to celebrate this launch with you all month long!!

pursuing wellness in community