Roman Chamomile Is Back!

Are you sitting down?
Roman Chamomile is BACK tomorrow!!! It’s been out of stock for TWO YEARS.

YES I FREAKING KNOW I AM FREAKING OUT TOO!!!!!!! And it’s a limit of 3 per account!!!!!!!! (order on your spouse account for another 3!)

For those of you that don’t know, Roman Chamomile has been out of stock for quite a while due to its seasonal availability (it was back only as a monthly promo item in June 2018 and before that, January 2017, and sold out FAST.) and Young Living’s commitment to us and the world to having the purest ingredients and essential oils and because of their responsible and sustainable growing and harvesting practices. It’s one of the things we love about Young Living, and it makes this oil coming back in stock even more special. And you guys, if you’ve never used Roman Chamomile, you’re in for a treat. Let’s talk a little bit about it before getting into the specifics of this being back in stock.

– add it to your seasonal support rollers with lemon lavender and peppermint!
– When you’re feeling helpless, overwhelmed, and your heart is racing.
– We’ve used this when a bee decided to get mean
– SO FREAKING GOOD for upset and crying children
– When our babies tushies get a little red, add a drop to some coconut oil to soothe
– Dry skin
– Add a drop to an annoying tooth
– Got a boo-boo? So good for support your skin’s healing process
– Liver support
– Legs that won’t stop moving at night
– Great for babies and children, very mild
– Mamas – great when your babe is a little toasty, or their tummy isn’t quite right.
– Ear health!
– Teething 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻
– Before school jitters
^ basically it’s literal magic.

Roman Chamomile (Chamaemelum Nobile) is distilled from the flowering top of the plant and contains very unique constituents that are difficult to find in other oils. It has a relaxing, herbaceous scent and is mild enough that generally only the most sensitive skin will require dilution when applied topically. It is highly effective in supporting good sleep, easing feelings of anxiety, brightening moods, and in supporting healthy looking skin.

Its relaxing properties are a big reason it’s one of the 3 oils in the Tranquil Roll-On, and its ability to balance emotions and moods make it a key ingredient in blends like Forgiveness, Harmony, and Gentle Baby. Have you been needing that little extra something to help you get a good or full night’s sleep? Add a drop or two of Roman Chamomile to your favorite sleep diffuser recipe, or take a deep whiff from the bottle right before bed to help bring a sense of relaxation and calming before drifting into dreamland. You could also apply it topically on your feet or wrists. Hard day at work, or maybe your kids can’t quite seem to find the “unwind” button. Diffuse it along with Lavender and Orange to create a peaceful environment in your home. You can also a drop to your daily moisturizer to help support healthy looking clear skin. Another use that doesn’t always get mentioned is adding Roman Chamomile to your post-workout massage to help relax and ease sore and aching muscles.

Roman Chamomile really is a highly sought after oil, and as you can tell, there are plenty of reasons for that. And if you’ve never tried it, you really REALLY should. Whether you need it for that good night’s sleep or someone in your house desperately needs to turn the cranky switch off, you’ll find a way to use this and you’ll fall in love with it like so many of us have. In fact, you could probably ask the person that you bought your kit about it and it’s possible they won’t stop ranting and raving about it for quite some time.

• Available: Monday, January 28, at 8 a.m., MT
• Order: Quick Orders up to THREE bottles per month, while supplies last
• Markets: U.S., U.S. Spanish, NFR
• Item no.: 3512
• Wholesale price: $41.00

Ok, THREE bottles per account. Young Living has said there is plenty of supply but as we know, they historically underestimate us.

TIP: If you have a spouse account, you might wanna order 3 on that account too 😉

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