12 Days of Christmas Giveaway

Did you know each year we host a 12 Days of Christmas themed giveaway in December!? YEP this is year 4 and it’s going to be INCREDIBLE.

🎶 For giveaways in December, The Well Gathering gave to me..

TWELVE Christmas Spirits
ELEVEN 5 mil Peppermints
TEN Aroma Eases
NINE 5 mil Lavenders
EIGHT 5 mil DiGize
SEVEN 5 mil Frankincense
SIX Large Tea Trees (15ml)
FOUR Patchoulis (15ml)
THREE Roman Chamomiles
TWO Evergreen Essence

This giveaway event will actually last the ENTIRE month of December, not just until Christmas, so get your fingers ready to WIN!!!
SEVENTY EIGHT LUCKY WINNERS are going to be winning one of the incredible prizes we have lined up that I just sang to you above!

Here’s what you need to do to get an entry to be one of the 78 winners!

1. Starting December 3rd. (Not before, because we had the Select 30 that we are giving away for those orders) When you do one of the following things until the end of December, you will get an entry:

  • Place an ER order OR quick order of 50PV+
  • Place a 400PV+ entry to get ALL the promos for an extra entry
  • Sell a kit THIS MONTH!
  • Hop on ER for the very first time
  • Flip to a new rank for the very first time.

2. Once you do one of those things above, let us know which one you did in the comments on this photo in our FB community group.

3. You can enter as many times as you’d like.

4. Wait patiently for the winners to be announced in 2020!!! 😀

**REMEMBER. This starts December 3rd, not December 1. That’s because we had another giveaway for the orders that came in before!!!

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