January 2020 Promos!


It’s 2020, friends!! I am beyond excited for this brand new year and Young Living sure is helping us start it off right with some AMAZING promos! This month’s freebies are all about cold weather essentials and I’m totally in for all of it since I’m just trying to survive this chilly time of year. 🥶 Before we get to all of the awesomeness, here are a few tips to make sure you’re getting the most out of your Young Living orders:

✅ If you’re not yet enrolled in the Essential Rewards program, take a peek at this short video to see how you can earn points back and additional exclusive promos just for ordering each month! https://youtu.be/2ThONHudUOY

✅ If you haven’t already, I highly encourage you to sign up for YL Go shipping. It’s like Amazon Prime for Young Living and allows you to get your orders shipped faster for less!

Ok, are you even ready for this, you guys?!? Here are the fantastic products you can earn for FREE this month with your qualifying order:

🌿 Peppermint 10ml (100 PV ER Exclusive): Yep, you read that right – an exclusive 10ml bottle of Peppermint!! This is one of those special promos that you literally can’t get otherwise, so I always get a little extra excited for things like this! We love Peppermint around my house and you’ll find it in our diffusers pretty often to help perk everyone up on gloomy winter days. It is a great oil to use with a few drops of carrier oil for muscle massage after a day on the slopes (or the less glamorous version of shoveling your driveway 😝). Don’t forget Peppermint is a Vitality oil, so it is awesome to add into seasonal recipes, teas, and hot chocolate!

🍂 Cinnamon Bark Vitality 5ml (190PV ER exclusive): Mmmm Cinnamon Bark. This oil just smells so cozy, especially this time of year! It’s an important ingredient in many popular products like Thieves, Inner Defense, and Abundance. That’s because it is a powerhouse oil when it comes to a healthy immune and digestive system. You can substitute Cinnamon Bark into any recipe that calls for ground cinnamon and it is awesome mixed in hot cereals. It’s another one that’s wonderful to add to your warm drinks as well! Feeling a little frisky? Add a drop or two to your NingXia Red for a “hot shot” to start your day and freshen your breath at the same time!

🔥 This smells amazing in the diffuser with warm oils like Clove, Nutmeg, and Orange. Oh and a little fun fact – apparently the Cinnamon Bark aroma attracts wealth. While I can’t promise dollar bills suddenly flying in your face, I think it’s a great oil to use when setting intentions and goals for the new year!

🕊 Roman Chamomile 5ml (190PV): If you are a mom, know a mom, or have a mom, chances are this is an oil you’ll want to have in your life! This is a fabulous oil for all things calming because it helps to relieve stress, dispel anger, and release negative emotions. If you love the Tranquil Roll-On, this is why. 😉 Roman Chamomile is also a wonderful addition to your evening skin care routine to leave your skin glowing and healthy while helping to relax your mind before bed!

🚺 Clary Sage 15ml (250 PV): This amazing stuff is about to become your best friend when it comes to female hormones, friends! Clary Sage contains phytoestrogens which are natural plant-based estrogens. It is grounding and comforting which makes it perfect to support your body during less-than-awesome times of the month. It is great to diffuse with Orange and Patchouli to help your mood on those dreary cold days. Pro tip: add a drop or two to your favorite conditioner to help tame dry, frizzy winter hair!

🧤 YL-Branded Mittens and Beanie (300 PV): But seriously, are you kidding me right now?!?! How dang cute are these??? 😍 I am sooooo happy to see something like this in the monthly promos since it doesn’t happen very often, especially when we’re talking things that keep me warm! #saynotothecold I can’t wait to get these on my order this month and may not take them off until spring!

What are you most excited about this month?? I bet you can’t guess what I’m looking forward to the most… #givemeallthecozybeanies Don’t forget that you can earn the promos twice each month – once on Essential Rewards and once on a regular Quick Order. I really hope your 2020 will be full of wonderful, amazing things and can’t wait to share this new year with all of you!


Don’t forget about the level up incentive for helping new friends get started with Young Living!

January’s Level Up for the U.S. is here!! And oh my goshhhh how on trend is YL with these gifts for you 🥰🥰🥰🥰

When you level up next month, you’ll earn our chic and unique YL-branded ceramic tumbler. Picture cozzyyyyy wintery nights sipping peppermint or thieves infused beverages as you get lost in a good book. Or a good hustle binge. Whatever. 🤪

Double Up qualifiers can double down on comfort with a YL-branded knit blanket and a 5 ml bottle of Highest Potential!!!!! Wrap yourself in this gorgeous knit blanket and diffuse a few drops of Highest Potential while you plan how to achieve your 2020 goals. YAS. 

To level up, team members need to help two people upgrade from retail, reactivate, or enroll with Young Living and sign them up on Essential Rewards with a purchase of 100 PV or more. 

To double up, they’ll need to do the same for four people.

An exciting way to start a new decade for sure! Hoping this month is filled with renewal friends.

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