Let’s talk EASY DIY Makeup Remover Pads, with NO toxic ingredients! You’ll Need: – Glass container with lid (4 ounce jars work great) – Cotton facial pads – 2 tbsp. oil (I use almond, but you can use jajoba, coconut or olive oil) – 1 tbsp. witch hazel – 3 drops YL Frankincense essential oil […]

One of my main reasons that I started my journey with essential oils was because I was on the hunt for incredibly glowy skin. I was using scary, scary things to get my skin to be clear. I didn’t care about the side effects, I just wanted pretty skin. (Anyone else!?) It left my face […]

Thieves Tea. It’s yummy, it is soothing, it’s comforting, and it is immune boosting. Here’s how you make it: Mix one drop of Thieves Vitality and two drops of Lemon Vitality into a teaspoon of honey, using a toothpick to stir. Next, I stir the honey mixture into a steaming mug of hot water. (FYI, […]