I promised we were going to be beefing up education around The Well Gathering this month! Check out our lineup!!! 2 classes a week, every Tuesday and Thursday 🙌 Everything will be short & sweet and ran in The Classroom group, right on the wall. Once the class is over, it will be kept as “units” […]

SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!!!!!! YOUNG LIVING JUST BLEW OUR MINDS WITH AWESOME!!! We can now get FREE SHIPPING from Young Living with YL GO and YL GO+!!!!! I may have squealed a bit – ok A LOT!!!! Just like Amazon Prime!!! youngliving.com/ylgo youngliving.com/ylgo youngliving.com/ylgo My jaw is seriously on the floor you guys!!! Eeeep! Ok […]

Happy September! Are you ready for cooler weather yet? I’m hoping to be able to unpack those cozy fall decorations and start wearing my comfy sweatshirts here real soon. And as we all get ready for that change in season, we need to remember to address the specific wellness challenges that change can bring. Colder […]

Happy August! It’s hard to believe that summer is almost over and school is almost here. We’re halfway through the year! That’s crazy. But before we dive headfirst into the change of season and a slower pace and routine, it’s time to slow things down a bit and recharge the batteries, and luckily for us, […]

Happy July! I hope that your summer has been going well and that the heat isn’t too unbearable, or if it has been, that your AC is bringing its A game and there’s a pool nearby. July, of course, always makes me think of freedom, and coincidentally, that was also the theme of Young Living’s […]

Young Living’s brand new Convention products are live for all to order! Pro tip: do not wait. There are some products that sold out from Convention attendees alone, and I anticipate more could go out of stock very quickly. If you want them, snatch ‘em up! 💪🏽🔥 Get your list ready and turn on notifications for […]

Hello, and happy June! Summer’s here and that means everything about life is bigger. Bigger plans. Bigger get togethers. And for Young Living, it means bigger promos. But that’s not all of the exciting news, because last month had some pretty exciting things come back in stock as well and I think you’ll want to […]

Hello, and happy May! It seems like we just started this year and now we’re almost halfway through it. And before we know it, Summer will be here! When life seems to be flying by lack this, I find it’s important that we all take a deep breath, exhale, and take the time to live […]

We launched Essentially Oils in May of 2015. We needed a community to get our people plugged into as we saw growth, so we whipped something together. About a year later I felt as though we needed to rebrand, to choose a name that really fit what our community was all about, to find a […]

That’s right, friends your makeup bag is about to get a serious upgrade. Young Living is launching a bunch of new Savvy Products and we can hardly contain our excitement! We are talking: 6 lipstick shades infused with Tangerine essential oil 4 blush shades 2 lip gloss colors 2 eyeshadow shades All new Poppy Seed […]